General disqualifying property attributes

1. Properties not located in a Home Partners' approved community (See
2. Short sales, foreclosures or bank-owned properties or properties sold at auction
3. Homes located in HOAs that restrict leasing or require background/credit check/application/third-party beneficiary
4. Condominiums including townhomes and single family homes that are condo interests
5. Homes in age-restricted communities
6. Commercial/mixed-use properties, manufactured housing, modular homes or log cabins
7. Properties located within close proximity to commercial or industrial areas
8. Properties located within close proximity to structures that could impair value (e.g. high tension power lines, water
    towers, radio/cell towers)
9. Properties located within close proximity to high traffic areas, active railroad tracks and airport flight paths
10. Homes in general disrepair / poor condition (Home Partners of America’s discretion)
11. Homes built over 100 years ago
12. Homes built on a lot of more than 3 acres (may vary in some markets)
13. Properties with tax rates (including special service area/community development district/Mello-Roos fees) in excess
      of 4% of property value
14. Properties located within a 100-year flood zone and the bottom of the first floor is -1.5ft below the Base Flood
      Elevation or lower
15. Homes with sink holes anywhere on the property
16. Homes with solar panels that are leased / not fully owned
17. Homes with liens or open permits including unpermitted work (see Inspection/disclosure disqualifiers below)
18. Homes with guest houses and “in-law suites” in a separate building
19. Homes located on unpaved roads
20. Homes with dirt driveways or driveways not entirely located on the property (i.e. access easements)
21. Homes without central air conditioning (exceptions may apply in CO, OR, MN, PA, UT and WA)
22. Homes with sunrooms with glass ceilings

23. Homes with above ground or vinyl pools. Home Partners will purchase homes with pools only in TX, GA, OK, FL and CA.
24. Relocation deals on a case-by-case basis
25. Homes that the prospective residents have not physically viewed 

 Inspection/disclosure disqualifiers

1. Homes with any environmental hazards
2. Polybutylene piping in the home
3. Aluminum branch wiring in the home
4. Vermiculite insulation/asbestos in the home
5. Foundation or structural issues not addressed
6. Previous seepage or flooding not addressed
7. Mold issues not addressed
8. Open permits or improvements completed without permits
9. Synthetic stucco
10. Properties in Maryland built before 1978 must have a passing Lead Free Certificate ("One-Time Only" method)

       New construction disqualifiers

1. Subdivision that is less than 50% complete and sold
2. Home not 100% complete including landscaping
3. Builder not willing to use standard state contract or requires builder addenda aside from the builder warranty
4. New build homes without central air conditioning

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list and Home Partners of America reserves the right to reject a property submittal for reasons other than those listed here. Criteria is subject to change.

The Lease with Right to Purchase Program (“Program”) is offered and administered by Home Partners. Resident and property must meet eligibility requirements, which are subject to change.
Resident must qualify for a mortgage from a third party lender to exercise the right to purchase a home. Home Partners does not provide financing for resident to purchase a home. Home
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