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​These are the steps to success:

  1. We Find the best property for you.
  2. We help you fund your investment
  3. We acquire the property.
  4. Rehab Your Property.
  5. Manage Your Investment.
We’ll also provide you with market intelligence for buy, hold or sell decisions. Our goals are to maximize your returns, protect your assets and provide you with 100% transparency during the entire process.

Our investment experience allows you to sit back and enjoy the real estate investing benefits of cash flow from rental properties, wealth through appreciation, equity growth and through creating a hedge against inflation.  Click here to learn more about our investment approach.

Our company is also a national purchaser of Owner-Financed Mortgages, also sometimes known as seller-carry back
mortgages.  Click here for more information.

At Eresen we combine the talents and hands-on operating expertise of an entrepreneurial company with the discipline and research capabilities of an investment firm.  The Eresen Group has established a reputation for excellence by providing superior results to its investors while focusing on measurable goals and what it takes to achieve them. It is this commitment that allows Eresen and its Affiliates to continue attracting new investors while at the same time expanding its asset base.​​